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EladPod 5.1: US Senate Candidate Spencer Toder and Former Agape Boarding School Student Robert Bucklin

July 14, 2022
The United States Senate Primary Election for Missouri is on Tuesday, August 2. Spencer Toder is running in the Democratic Primary. He grew up in St. Louis and has been highly involved in the the business startup economy of the region. His campaign has focused on government transparency and accountability, investing in the economic engines of Missouri, and representational reforms. You can learn more about Spencer and his positions at

Robert Bucklin is an advocate to close Agape Boarding School after having been abused there. He is one of several Plaintiffs suing the school, and he has been persistently pushing Missouri government officials to close Agape. 

Spencer and Robert brought some breaking news about their work on Agape Boarding School. You can follow Robert on Twitter at

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